12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets. Selling your home is a challenge. Selling home with pets presents additional challenges. We all love our furry, feather and water friends. Your pet is a part of the family. Dogs and cats pets are allowed indoors and outdoors . Great to have love and emotional support of a pet.  But you want to maximum price of your home. Sorry, your furry friend is not an asset during home showings. Furry pets can decrease home values. For most Americans a home purchase is the largest investment they will ever make. Buyers need the freedom to view your home. Buyers want to envision living in your home. They do not need the distraction of a pet.

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets


Pet Ownership in the United States

Americans love their pets. 85 million American families or sixty-eight percent of own a pet. This is according to 2017-2017 National Pet Owners Survey. The first year survey was conducted was in 1988. At that time only fifty-six percent of American families owned pets

Pet Ownership by Pet Type in millions

Pet  Number
Dog 60.2
Cat 47.1
Freshwater Fish 12.5
Birds 7.9
Small Animals 6.7
Reptiles 4.7
Horses 2.6
Saltwater Fish 2.5

Source: American Pet Products Association’s 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey.

Majority of Americans own pets. The prospective buyers maybe a pet owners as well. Conversely, there are potential buyers that are afraid of dogs and cats. I have shown homes where buyer is allergic to cats. That same buyers has decided to make a huge financial investment. Having furry pet barking, jumping and roaming is not advantageous for the home seller. The buyer is there to view your home. Pet are a distraction. What does a pet owner do if they want to sell their home? There has to make readjustments. Sellers want to sell their home. At the same time, they are uses to having pets indoors and outdoors. Have to strike a happy balance.12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets.

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

  1. 12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

    How Healthy Is Your Pet?

    How Healthy Is Your Pet? Visit the veterinarian. Make sure pet has all necessary vaccines. If pet has been a little sluggish find out why. Having a sick pet around during buyer showings will not be beneficial  to the Seller.

2. Check For Fleas and Ticks – Does your pet have fleas and ticks? If  the answer Yes? Then do not put your home on the market. How to check if you have fleas in your house. Your pet is clean and does not have fleas or ticks. That may be the case. However, it may not be the case. Have pet professionally inspected for fleas and ticks. If the pet has flees and tick so does the home. Before home is listed it should be flea and tick free. A flea attack will certainly scare a Buyer Away. 10 ways to get rid of fleas in the home. 

3. Give Your Home A Deep Cleaning – All home sellers should have a clean and clutter free home. Pet owners have the additional challenge of house and pet cleaning. Pet hair travels along way. Can find in non accessible areas. Not enough to vacuum and clean floors. Clean behind and under furniture, closets, window sills, heating/air filters, etc. Remove little paw marks.  Make it a family project or consider a professional cleaning service. How to remove pet stains

Clean Home’s Exterior – A well maintained manicure exterior is a strong selling point. Is your backyard your dog’s bathroom? Be sure to clean up daily. Horror show, buyer leisurely walking the backyard. Och he/she steps on pet leavings. Guess what, prospective Buyer will be leaving. Never to return. Do not forget to check for flees and ticks in the yard. 12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

Home sellers always have to consider the condition of lawn and landscaping. Dogs like to dig holes in the yard or landscaping. Any holes should be filled in. Do not want prospective buyer to trip over a ground hole. That is a little task that can reap cash rewards. Improves the Buyers general outlook of the home.

4. Clean All Pet Belongings and Put Away – Clean all pet belongings. De-clutter put belongings away during showings. Be sure belongings are clean. Pet belongings have pet odors.

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

Clean All Pets Belonging.

Examples of pet belongings:

  • Pet Blankets
  • Pet Bed
  • Cat Litter Box – Cat litter should be cleaned daily
  • Cat Tree Towers
  • Pet Eating Dish
  • Pet Toys

Once pet items clean place in one section of home. De-clutter put everything in pile. There is nothing worse than prospective buyer stumbling over pet toys or blankets.


12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

Have clean and odor free litter box.

5. Cat Litter Box – One great thing about cats is that they use their cat litter boxes. Sellers with pets keep the cat litter boxes clean and odor free. Change litter box once a day. Buyers should not see or smell a dirty cat litter box.

6. Pet Odors – Not uncommon for pets to have accidents in the home. Want to turn a Buyer Off? Buyer opens front door. BLAM hit in the face by pet urine odors. Pet carpet stains should be professionally cleaned. This includes furniture, carpet and drapes. Worse case, carpet and drapes may have to be replaced. Home should be pet-odor free. Pet odors not only come from pet accidents. Pets have pet odors. Bathe your pet. Pet will feel fresh and clean. There will be no pet body odor in the home. 12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

How to Remove Urine Stains

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

Photo provide Google Image-Walmart. com

Vinegar – Pour over affected area. Leave on for a few hours. Go over with steam cleaner. Or leave on and let dry.  Dried vinegar and urine odors are eliminated. On carpet test first that vinegar does not fade carpet or hardwood floors. 

Baking Soda – Sprinkle area with generous amount of baking soda. Leave on for several hour then vacuum. For really bad stains make water and baking soda paste. Rub into carpet with strong hand brush. Let dry then vacuum.

Bleach – For outdoor concrete surfaces chlorine bleach will remove pet urine accidents. 

7. Repair Any Interior Damage Your Pets Have Caused – In some cases pets destroy home items. If pet has damage hard wood floor or carpet have repaired. Ripped screens will not show well. Have them replaced. House trim and cabinetry has to be cosmetically repaired. Ripped window treatments need repair or replacement.

Pet Interior Damage:

  • Hardwood Floor/Carpet
  • Ripped screens
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors
  • Trim work
  • Furniture
  • Window Treatments (Drapes & Shutters)
12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

Remove your pet during home showings. Maybe good time to take dogs for walks or park.

8. Remove pets during Buyer showing – That is easier said than done. Dogs can be put outside during showing. If outside have them secured.  Or this maybe a great time to dog walk your pet. Depending on the pets size have a outdoor crate to place pet in during showing. Not guaranteeing that pet will be agreeable in a crate. Do not want pet just roaming backyard. All dog owners say, he/she does not bite. Well dogs are animals. Have minds of their own. On dog’s bad day he/she could bite a Buyer. Whatever you have to do have dogs secured. There should be no potential of dog approaching Buyer. It is always suggested that homeowners not be present during home showing. That includes pets.

9. Relocate Your Pets – When selling a home, a possible solution having your pets relocated. 12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets It’s not easy for a pet owner to allow their pets to leave. Going to other places rather than their home. However, it may make a big difference. One possible place to relocate your pets is to a friend or family member’s home. It can make accommodating showings that much easier. Important, you don’t want to worry about your pets.  Other possible places to relocate your pets is a kennel or a day care service for animals. Relocating pet is a hard decision. Relocating pet is last resort. If possible make in-house arrangements for pet.

10. Pet Liability – Some dogs can become unhinged when they encounter strangers in their home. Can result in barking, jumping or biting. Barking and jumping distracts the buyer. Worse if buyer bitten by your dog, Can result in a law sue. Sellers can be held liable for pet biting a Buyer. There are attorneys that just specialize in pet liability cases. Sellers loss can result in thousands of dollars. Keep you dogs away from potential home Buyers. Dog owners always say Fido does not bit. Maybe Fido has never bitten anyone. But while showing your home do not take a chance. It is not worth the buyer distraction or legal risk. Buyers do not need the distraction of an active pet. Buyers are looking for a home.

11. Water Pets

12 Tips How To Sell Home With PetsMake sure your aquarium and fish bowls are clean. Do not want dirty aquarium. Avoid problems maintain aquarium about every two weeks. Key factor is water change. Vacuuming gravel  eliminates uneaten food and waste that settled. Now change the water. Usually, 10% to 15% of tank volume is sufficient. Do you noticed algae remove it. Check water chemistry on regular basis.

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

Do Not Forget Fish Bowl Maintain Regularly

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

Sellers have clean birdcages.

12. Birds and Birdcages – It great waking up in the morning and seeing your caged birds. Birds can be messy. Be sure to keep birdcages cleaned at all time. When they eat bird seed fall on the floors. It is messy. Bird’s features and leaving may have spilled to floor.  Be sure to clean cages and floor. Do not let bird out of cage during showings.12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets


12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets. Selling your home with pets can be a challenge. It is a challenge that can be overcome. Firstly, you want to have a healthy pet. Check with your veterinarian. Homeowners should always have a clean clutter free home. Pet owners require a little more elbow grease when cleaning. Home should be odor, clutter, fleas and tick free. Pet belongings have to be cleaned. Put clean belonging away doing home showings. Feather and water pet require maintenance as well.  Realtor showing should not have homeowners or furry pets present doing showings. 12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets. Sellers selling with pets you just have to readjust. Pet maintenance, cleaning and care. Are these pet tips worth the time and effort.  YES, you are selling home to reap the highest profit. 12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets.

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets. Prepared: Gail Mercedes Cole licensed Realtor in California. The Hills Premiere Realty Areas of expertise West Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista, Ladera Heights and surrounding areas. “Selling Dreams and Lifestyles.” Call or text Gail (310) 853-9933. Can email gailmercedes@aol.com  

12 Tips How To Sell Home With Pets

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