14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling

14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling.  Home sellers rock hard facts when selling home. 14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home SellingMost home seller really do not know what is involved when selling a home.It is like rock climbing. If you are aware of the trail the climb is easier. Sellers knowing rock hard real estate facts makes process a cinch.  Sell your home in shortest period of time with maximum profit. Rock hard facts that every home seller should know.


14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling

Sellers Do You Know The Real Estate Market?

  1. Know your local Real Estate Market– Is the market appreciating or stagnate? What are the recent sales in the area? How do these sales compare to your home?  Find a Realtor that knows the market. Real estate is local. It is critical to have a knowledgeable, experiences Realtor.14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling

Keep Home Clean and Clutter Free

2. Clean and clutter free homes sell –Dirty cluttered homes reduce the sellers profits. Can be talking 14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Sellingabout thousands of dollars. It is worth the sellers time to clean and clutter-free their home.Both the interior and exterior should be clean and appealing.  Do not forget the garage. One of the greatest payoffs to selling is simply presenting a appealing, clean and clutter-free home. Well maintained homes sell for more money– A well maintained home gives prospective buyers a sense of well being. Homes have their own personalities. Well kept homes gives a buyer a sense of well being. 

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Homeowners Price Your Home Right.

3.  Pitfalls of overpricing your home is that buyers and agents will bypass it. 14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling. When the home is first listed there maybe or may not be a flurry of activity. Some maybe neighbors or Looky Lous.  If home overpriced it will die down. Buyers are not willing to pay for a overpriced home. There maybe similar homes on the market at realistic prices. In today’s market there may not be homes currently on the market. Buyers are willing to sit on the fence. Waiting for new listings with realistic asking prices. If your home is overpriced the longer it sits the less desirable your home becomes. There are one of two routes the seller can take. Leaving the home on the market hoping that the market will catch up to their desired price. Or you can reduce the asking price. Pitfall either way you have loss the initial activity and appeal that comes along with a new listing. Overpriced listings tend to sale for less that homes that were initially placed on market at the right price.Pitfalls of an overpriced listing. 

Sellers Will Be Inconvenienced

4. Inconvenient  – Selling a home is inconvenient. It interrupts your regular lifestyle. Make the process easier to handle. Know up front you will be inconvenienced during the selling process. You have to get the home ready for sale. Show home to prospective buyers. Everyday routines are interrupted by visiting Buyers. Anticipate selling inconveniences will make process less painful. Accommodate Realtor/Buyer showings. Home should be available for all prospective Buyer showings. Sellers do not confuse the forest for the trees. Your ultimate goal is selling your home at maximum profit. A little inconveniences necessary for your to obtain your financial goals. 

Home Sellers Not Present During Buyer Showing

5. During home showings the homeowners should not be present. Pet should not be in the interior.  There are many reasons. Buyers should be able to view home freely. More importantly, buyers will grill sellers. Questions like why are you moving? How much do you owe on the home? The answer may make the buyers feel they have any advantage in negotiating sale price.

Smelly Homes

6. Smelly homes less money– Nothing is worse than a prospective buyer walking into a smelly14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling house. The smell can come from pets, smoking or cooking. We all love our pets. But they can leave behind unpleasant odors. If a smokers may have to routinely smoke outside. Pungent spiced food maybe put on hold until home is sold. Thorough cleaning of home will remove odors from fabrics, rugs and carpets. If carpet has pet accidents cleaning or replacing carpet would be advisable.

Put Pets Outside

7. Put your dog outside– When showing your home leave you dog outside. The prospective buyer may or may not love dogs. Buyers do not need the distraction of active dogs in the home. Buyers should be able to view home freely with no pet interruptions. 12 Tips Selling Your Home With Pets. 

Cash Is Not Always King

8. Cash is not always King– Sellers really get excited when they receive all cash buyers. Sellers carefully examine an all cash offers. Make sure the buyers has source of funds verification. Source of funds proof of cash in savings account. Purchase agreement should state all cash and no appraisal and loan contingency.

Sellers When Home For Sale Fully Communicate With Your Realtor

9. Sellers when your home is on the market fully communicate with Realtor. Realtor has to set-up appointments with the seller. Buyers may have questions that only seller can answer. Sellers be on notice for all offers. No response to showing request or questions?  Buyers may have to delay submitting an offer. Worse case, buyer submits offer and no response from seller. Buyer may loose interest and start looking for another property. This type of procrastination irritates all parties involved in the sale. Sellers should be promptly responsive when selling home.

Professional Photos and Floor Plan

10. Professional Photographs and Floor Plans– Buyers will skip a home because of poor or limited photos. It is best that Realtor has the home professional photographed. Professional photographs are more marketable with multiple shots of exterior and interior. I also suggest professional floor plan included in listing. Over 90% of buyers start their home search online. Be competitive multiple professional photos and home’s floor plan.

Seller Require Mortgage Pre-Approval

11. Requiring that buyers are financially qualified to purchase. First of all, Realtor should not be showing any home if any buyer not financial qualified. Seller only accept Mortgage Pre-Approval. Buyer’s credit report, income and assets have been reviewed. This will result is a mortgage pre-approval from direct lender. Unfortunately, not all Real Estate Agents adhere to this practice and show homes to unqualified buyers. Make sure the Realtor you hire, scrutinizes all Buyer’s agents. Verified pre-approvals from direct lenders must accompany all offers.

Seller(s) and Realtor On The Same Team

12. Cooperation and communication is the name of the game– Realtor and seller(s) on same team.14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling Seller has realistic goal when selling home. Realtor is hired to accomplish seller’s goal. Ending with a favorable outcome for home seller. Like any winning team Seller(s) and Realtor have to work together. 

Escrow Closing Date Is Sellers Move Out Date

13. Seller move out date is closing date– Escrow closing date is sellers moving date. Home should be left clean, clutter free and vacant.  Buyers will be given key, remote and etc at close. 

Experience Sells

14. Experience sells– Hire a professional, skilled and ethical Realtor. Hire Realtor with a real estate track record. Gail Mercedes Cole licensed Realtor in Southern California. Areas of expertise West Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista, Ladera Heights and surrounding areas. “Selling Dreams and Lifestyles.” Call or text Gail (310) 853-9933. Can email gailmercedes@aol.com  If you need to buy or sell you home call me let’s chat! 14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling


14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling. Rock hard real estate facts every seller should know. Firstly, hire the right real estate agent. List your home at a competitive asking price. Never overprice your home. Remember the home should be clean and clutter free. Selling home is inconvenient. A challenging necessity when selling any home. Home should be really to show 24/7. During showing sellers should not be present. All offers have to be presented with pre-approval or source of funds. When escrow closes buyer given a vacant, clean, clutter-free home. 14 Rock Hard Facts Real Estate Home Selling. When sellers know selling process they are prepared to meet the challenges. Remember the seller(s) and Realtor are on the same team. Now Sellers Are Prepared For A Winning Profitable Home Sell.

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