6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value

6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value. Increasing Your Home’s Value the Most for the Least. The following are tips to help increase your home’s value and get your home sold in the fastest time possible based on my experience working with home owners who have sold their home and feedback from home buyers that buy homes.

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6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value

6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value

TIP ONE: Painting and Carpeting

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Painting and Carpet


6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value. A fresh coat of paint will make a room look new and clean. New carpets will make it shine that much more. Be sure to pick a paint color that is neutral. That will appeal to the most people. I have seen many buyers walk into a home with rooms painted the seller’s favorite color. Examples are red, dark blue or orange. Buyer just walks out because they hated it!  Buyers also will always look down at the floor when they walk into a room. So be sure that the carpets are clean, and if they are worn, consider getting them replaced. Worn or dirty carpets, badly painted or dirty walls?  Will make a buyer think that there are other issues with your home even if there is not. 



TIP TWO: Energy Costs

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Energy Conservation

These days, most buyers will ask me “What is the average monthly utility bill cost?” Most utilities offer free energy audits. Take advantage of this as it can help you save money now and the road. Asset when you are ready to sell your home!  Buyers favor homes that have lower monthly utility costs.

TIP THREE: The Kitchen

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The Kitchen

In most homes, buyers will spend the most time in the kitchen. Make sure your kitchen is ready for this. If you have appliances that are dirty or old, get them cleaned spotless or consider replacing them. You do not need to spend a lot of money replacing your stove or refrigerator with top end appliances, but you do not want buyers walking into a kitchen, see a dirty stove or refrigerator. Then walking out because of it. Do not forget the drawers and cabinets as buyers will open these! If you need a referral to a good cleaning service, let me know and I can send you a couple of names.

TIP FOUR: The Bathrooms

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Your bathrooms will also get the drill sergeant review from buyers. In particular any master bathrooms. Similar to the kitchen, make sure that any old fixtures are replaced and that the floors, bathtub & shower and walls are CLEAN. You can replace bathroom fixtures easily these days without spending a lot of money. And a fresh coat of paint can go a long way.

TIP FIVE: Curb Appeal

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Curb Appeal

First impressions count. Similar to a fresh coat of paint for a room, a yard that has the grass cut nicely goes a long way. Walk outside and look at your home’s exteropr. Does the front of the house need paint? Are there any broken windows or shutters that need repair? Does the yard need cleaning? You do not need to hire a landscape architect, but you want to make sure that your yard looks clean and nice. Be sure to pick up any items in the yard, position trash bins so that they are not visible from the street. Any other general cleaning / maintenance that might be needed. If you need information for a someone that does this type of work, let me know and I can send you a couple of names.

TIP SIX: Declutter

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Clutter Free Rooms

Thinking about selling within the next year, start this now. I have seen buyers walk through homes that have too much stuff everywhere and comment to me that it just looks messy. When a buyer thinks a home is messy, they figure that there are other problems with the home as well even if there is not! This is something that even I deal with sometimes as we just get so ‘used to things’ laying around that we do not even see them anymore. They almost become invisible! Make your home clutter free.

Pack It Up

This is when you are getting close to listing your home for sale. Now you want your home to be ready for buyers to walk through. Buyers need a good impression.They think to themselves, “This is a clean and neat home, the owner must take care of it!” This will also help make moving day easier after your home is sold! Pack up clothes that you are not going to wear anytime soon. Pack up toys,  kitchen items, bathroom items, tools, books, art, etc. Put these in storage or boxed neatly garage. Be sure to label all boxes with both the room they belong. Have a yard sale or donate items.6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value


6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value.

6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value.

6 Seller Tips to Increase Home Value.  Sellers selling in Westside L.A.and Beach Cities is very  competitive. Of the 6 seller tips homeowners review and choose best options for your home. Reviewing all options the main theme is a clean and clutter free home. Paint rooms and clean flooring. With the high costs of energy buyers are attracted to energy conservative homes. The kitchen is a big selling point in a home. Updated kitchens are top sellers. Realistically, most homes on the market do not have recently updated kitchens. Tips for all sellers, kitchen should be as spotless as possible. This includes appliances and cabinetry. Do not overlook the spotless theory in the living rooms, den, bedrooms and bathrooms. What does a buyer see first? Of course, it is the exterior of your home. Make your exterior more attractive. De clutter, maintained landscaping and may need house trim painted. I would suggest, if you are aware of any repairs/replacements do the work before putting your home on the market. The repairs maybe as minor as leaking faucets. Call me to come over and let us review plans to increase the value of your home.

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