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How the Academy Movie Museum Prepping Work to Begin March When the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is finally completed, someone will have to make an understated, Oscar-bait drama to depict the development saga of this troubled project, which after years of languishing in Hollywood finally landed next to LACMA on the Miracle Mile. As plans there progressed, it ran into even more trouble—the project was approved in June by the LA City Council, but couldn’t get permits due to a lawsuit threat from anti-development group Fix the City. Last month, they finally reached a somewhat mysterious settlement with Fix the City that’ll involve some kind of private traffic mitigation plan. It appears that was the final bureaucratic hurdle (but don’t quote us on that), and now, at long last, construction will soon begin on the museum, a Renzo Piano-designed renovation of and addition to the 1930s May Company department store building. Demolition crews are being brought in to make way for the new construction to commence in March 2016, according to The Hollywood Reporter.First up will be the demolition of the rear addition that was put on the building back in 1946. This will bring the May Co. building back to its original 1939 form and make room for the giant spherical theater and observation deck they’re attaching on the rear. Structural tests have been done to make sure the weight of the 1,000-seat spherical theater can be held in place.

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