History Marina Del Rey Real Estate

History Marina Del Rey Real Estate

History Marina Del Rey Real Estate. Marina Del Rey was once known as mud flats or wetlands. This was before Marina del Rey real estate was developed into a small craft harbor. Salt-marsh land frequented by duck hunters. The marsh freshwater was supplied by the Ballona Creek. In 1887 M.C. Wicks, a real estate developer envisioned turning the Playa del Rey estuary into a major commercial harbor. Wicks owned the Ballona Development Company. Wicks invested $300,000.00 into the project but went bankrupt after three years. In 1916, the U.S. Army Corps reported that it would be infeasible to develop the inlet and basin as a major harbor. After World War 11 the Corps of Engineers submitted a study indicating the feasibility of creating a recreational craft harbor. In 1953 the Los Angeles City authorized $2,000,000.00 loan to fund the construction of the marina. Those funds only covered half of the costs. Under President Dwight D. Eisenhower the U.S. Congress funded the remanding costs. Official dedication of Marina del Rey was in April 1965. Currently, Marina del Rey has more than 6,000 recreational boat slips. One hundred years ago Marina Del Rey known as wetlands.Marina Del Rey History. Try to imagine Marina Del Rey frequented by duck hunters. That was then and this is now. Marina Del Rey real estate has blossomed into the ultimate seaside residential city. Less than two square miles. Today Marina Del Rey real estate is sought after for its condominiums, townhouses, lofts and single family homes. Land and seaside real estate locations. Residence walking distance to parks, man-made marina and beaches. Near upscale shopping centers, restaurants, Loyola Marymount University, LAX and freeway. Adjacent to Playa Vista and Venice CA. Marina Del Rey real estate is a partner city with Playa Vista, Venice and Santa Monica Silicon Beach thriving community.

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