Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company.

Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company.

Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company. Once an offer is accepted the buyers should always have a professional home inspection. ALWAYS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTION COMPANY. Home inspection should be mandatory regardless if new or older construction. Never rely on your visual inspection, opinions from the Seller or Realtor. Professional home inspection companies will in writing state the condition of the roof, plumbing, electrical, foundation, heat, air conditioning, mold, termites, chimney, foundation, appliances and etc. Depending on condition of property you may need separate inspection companies for roof, plumbing, mold, foundation and etc. Your Residential Purchase Agreement has an inspection period. Home inspection is done during your inspection contingency period. You cannot rely on your visual inspection of home. You need a professional inspection company. You should be aware of the condition of your future home. The home inspection is a written report itemizing each functions of the single family home, condominium, townhouse, loft or income property. Photos are included in inspection report as well. If the home needs repairs/replacements the buyer gives written request for repair/replacement. . The written request can be acceptance the home’s condition. Or buyers can request repair, replacement, monetary amount (credit), price reduction or cancel escrow.

Buyers Options Are

  • Request credit for repair/replacement thru escrow
  • Buyer(s) request Seller make repair/replacements before close of escrow. Have written verification of work and costs in escrow.
  • Seller(s) and Buyer(s) agree to price reduction reflecting repair/replacement costs.
  • Buyer agrees to accept property in current condition with no request for repairs/replacement.

If Seller should decline any repairs/replacements or repair credit Buyer has option to cancel escrow. Generally, the buyers and sellers reach agreement and escrow closes.

Buyers Hire Professional Home Inspection Company. Protect yourself and investment. A home inspection is not mandatory. Buyers ALWAYS HAVE A HOME PROFESSIONAL INSPECTED BEFORE CLOSE OF ESCROW. Suggest having home inspection within 5-10 days from accepted offer. Home buyers do not rely on your own visual inspection of a home. Home buyers do not rely on the opinions of the sellers or real estate agents. Protect yourself and hire a professional home inspection company. They have the experience and expertise to give an objective functional analysis of the home, condominium, townhouse, loft or income property. If you would like Free Referral for professional Home Inspection Companies please call me. Buying or Selling Call GAIL MERCEDES COLE

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