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Homebuyer your offer has been accepted by the seller. Escrow is opened. There is a home inspection contingency in your purchase agreement. Generally about 10 days. Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company. ALWAYS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTION COMPANY. A home inspection should be mandatory regardless if new or older construction. Never rely on your visual inspection, opinions from the Seller or Realtor. Professional home inspection companies willHome Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company give an inspection report with photos. The report in writing states the condition of the roof, plumbing, electrical, foundation, heat, air conditioning, mold, termites, chimney, foundation, appliances and etc. Depending on the condition of the property you may need separate inspection companies for the roof, plumbing, mold, foundation, chimney and etc. Again, your Residential Purchase Agreement has an inspection period. The home inspection is done during your inspection contingency period. You cannot rely on your visual inspection of a home. You should be aware of the condition of your future home. The home inspection is a written report itemizing each function of the single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, lofts or income properties. Photos are included in inspection report as well. If the home needs repairs/replacements the buyer gives written request for repair/replacement.  monetary amount (credit), price reduction or cancels escrow. The seller has to respond to buyer’s request. The alternative is that buyers accept the condition of property “As IS.” If property acceptable “As IS” the inspection contingency is removed by the buyer. Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company.

Most common problems a home inspector can unearth.

Bedroom Windows. All rooms listed as bedrooms must have an operating window with 30 square inches of clearance for a fire escape. Bedrooms must also have heat. If a home is listed with three bedrooms, and one does not meet both these requirements, it cannot legally be called a bedroom.
Furnaces and Compressors. Rust in the heat exchange is a common problem that shows up during home inspections. Another common problem involves missing insulation where required by code at the time the house was built, or an improvement or replacement was installed.

Roof. A roofs lifespan can be from 15 to 50 years. Inspection company can give an estimated age of the roof and remaining lifespan. Common problems are missing shingles, tiles and gutters not functioning properly. 
Electrical Issues. Common electrical code violations include electrical junctions not enclosed in a junction box, a lack of GFCI outlets in bathrooms and kitchens, or reverse-polarity on outlets. These are inexpensive things to repair, but by not doing so, it can hold up a sale.
Lifesaving Equipment. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are required by law in most states, and not having them will be considered a code violation.
Plumbing. A number of plumbing issues are very common, with violations ranging from dripping faucets to loose toilets and improper drainage.

Mold. Inspection company notes mold in visible areas in homes interior and exterior. Mold damage requires certified mold company for the extent of damage and remediation. 
Structural Problems. While these can be more expensive to fix, if they aren’t taken care of properly, they can prolong a sale. Violations in this area include rotten wood trim around windows and doors, rotten or delaminating siding, and missing flashing on roofs or above windows and doors.

Water systems and plumbing. Is the plumbing galvanized or copper? Some homes are fitted with both. Inspection company may refer to a plumber to determine if the system needs repair or replacement. 

Extra Rooms. If you had your basement fixed up at some point while living in the home, or even added a sunroom, be sure you have the proper permits in place. This will need to be taken care of before any sale can go through.
Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company.For more information about home inspections and code violations, contact me today. Gail Mercedes Cole (310) 853-9933

Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company.

Buyers Options Are

Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company

  • Request credit for repair/replacement thru escrow
  • Buyer(s) request Seller makes repair/replacements before the closing of escrow. Have written verification of work and costs in escrow.
  • Seller(s) and Buyer(s) agree to price reduction reflecting repair/replacement costs.
  • Buyer agrees to accept property in current condition with no request for repairs/replacement.

If Seller should decline any repairs/replacements or repair credit Buyer has the option to cancel escrow. Generally, the buyers and sellers reach agreement and escrow closes. Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company. It is to a home buyer’s DISADVANTAGE not to have home professionally inspected once escrow is opened. 

Home Buyers Hire Home Inspection Company

Buyers Hire Professional Home Inspection Company. Protect yourself and investment. A home inspection is not mandatory. Buyers ALWAYS HAVE A HOME PROFESSIONAL INSPECTED BEFORE CLOSE OF ESCROW. Suggest having the home inspection within 5-10 days after the offer is accepted. Home buyers do not rely on your own visual inspection of a home. Home buyers do not rely on the opinions of the sellers or real estate agents. Protect yourself and hire a professional home inspection company. They have the experience and expertise to give an objective functional analysis of the home, condominium, townhouse, loft or income property. Why should buyers hire home inspection company? Purchasing a home may be one of the largest investments you will ever make. Protect yourself know the condition of your investment.  If you would like Free Referral for professional Home Inspection Companies please call me. Buying or Selling Call GAIL MERCEDES COLE (310) 853-9933


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