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 In Escrow What Home Sellers and Buyers PayHome sellers and buyers have reached a major milestone. You are in escrow. All terms have been clarified by the executed Residential Purchase Agreement.The executed Residential Purchase Agreement supersedes escrow instructions. Therefore, escrow instructions should be a mirror image of your Residential Purchase Agreement. Now, what does the home seller pay in escrow? What does the home buyer pay in escrow?  Some of the fees are negotiable. Others are traditionally paid by seller or buyer. In Escrow What Home Sellers and Buyers Pay. 

In Escrow What Home Sellers and Buyers Pay

What Does Sellers Pay in Escrow?

In Escrow What Home Sellers and Buyers Pay

What Sellers Pay For In Escrow

  • Broker Commissions
  • Escrow Fees 1/2 Sellers & 1/2 Buyers
  • Notary & Recording Fees
  • Payoff all loans in seller’s name on existing property
  • Accrued interest on existing seller’s loan paid off
  • Existing lenders statement, reconveyance and prepayment fees
  • Any tax liens, mechanic liens, judgments & etc against seller
  • Property Tax Prorated and Paid
  • Owner’s Title Insurance Policy
  • County Transfer Tax (negotiable $1.10 per thousand)
  • City Transfer (negotiable $4.50 per thousand)
  • Natural Hazard Zone Disclosure Report
  • Retrofitting Requirement (Governmental Requirements)
  • Any Homeowner Association Fees
  • Homeowner Association transfer fee required to be delivered by Civil Code §4525
  • Homeowner Association fees for preparing all documents other than those required by Civil Code §4525
  • Any Unpaid Homeowner Association Dues
  • Bonds and Assessments (according to terms and contract)
  • Termite Completion (negotiable if required)
  • Home Warranty Plan (negotiable)

What Does Buyers Pay in Escrow?

In Escrow What Home Sellers and Buyers Pay

What Buyers Pay For In Escrow.

  • Escrow Fees 1/2 Sellers 1/2 Buyers
  • Total Down Payment 
  • Professional Home Inspection Reports
  • Termite Inspection Report
  • Mold Inspection Report
  • All new mortgage charges (points, fees & etc)
  • New loan interest charges from date of funding to 30 days prior to first mortgage payment
  • Lender’s policy
  • Document Preparation
  • Notary Fees
  • Property tax prorated 
  • Homeowner Association Transfer Fee
  • Homeowner Association Certification Fee
  • Fire Insurance Policy

In Escrow What Home Sellers and Buyers Pay. These are traditional charges and fees paid by sellers and buyers in escrow.  However, items can be negotiated by sellers and buyers when buyer’s offer is presented. Majority of traditional charges are assumed to be seller’s or buyer’s responsibility. 

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Above is a general overview of home seller and buyer escrow charges. Per agreement and city charges vary. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. BRE#00788828