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Finding a home in LaderaHeights can be a challenge. Ladera Heights is divided into three sections. Old, New and Upper Ladera Heights. Which section are you considering? Are you looking for a home with views or a home south of Slauson Avenue? Looking for a fixer upper or home in standard condition? Have you been pre-approved making you aware of your home purchasing power? Review neighborhood statistics, school district, crime rate, and important phone numbers. Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying. 

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Tip #1. What Is Section Of Ladera Heights Right For You?

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home BuyingOld Ladera Heights east of La Cienega & south Slauson Ave. Old Ladera tends to have your smaller homes. Average living space about 1,600 to 2,200 square feet. Built 1950’s and 1960’s. Price range from $750,000 to $900,000.00. 

New and Upper Ladera Heights homes. New Ladera Heights west La Cienega south Slauson Ave Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buyingeast Wooster Ave. Upper Ladera north Slauson Ave west La Cienega east Shenandoah Ave. New Ladera & Upper Ladera celebrity style luxury homes. Homes built in 1960’s. Expansive homes and lots. Living space from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet.  These homes offer semi-circular driveways. With two and three car attached garages. Upper Ladera has hilltop homes the offer city and ocean views. In 1990’s approximately 100 Ladera Crest homes built in Upper Ladera. New and upper Ladera pricing varies from $950,000.00 to $1,400,000.00. 

Ladera Heights has a small section with duplexes, triplexes, and condominiums. There is no rent control in Ladera Heights. Ladera Heights real estate Market Data  and Sales Report.  Ladera Heights adjacent to Culver City & Westchester.  Near Playa Vista Silicon Beach, upscale shops, schools, parks, LAX &  405 freeway. Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Tip # 2 – Hire a Local Ethical Real Estate Agent

Get a local professional Realtor that knows Ladera Heights CA 90056. Real estate is local. Hire Realtor® that knows Ladera Heights real estate market. Buyers should be given home values based on statistical information. Hire ethical professional Realtor® with a track record.  


Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home BuyingAs a Realtor, I meet prospective buyers inquiring about purchasing a home. You will ask the prospective buyer if they have a PRE-APPROVAL from a direct lender.  Unfortunately, the answer will be NO. BUT they know they can qualify for this home at this asking price. THE FIRST THING a buyer should do is get a PRE-APPROVAL from a direct lender. The buyer will have a realistic view of their home price range and purchasing power. Have lender give rates and terms on conventional financing. Save time and energy home buyers obtain Mortgage Pre-Approval. Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying   

Tip # 4 –  Home Buyer Tip Find A House You Can Afford.

There’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to buying a home There are also a number of tools and calculators online that can help you understand how your income, debt, and expenses affect what you can afford. Don’t forget, there are lots of considerations beyond the home’s sticker price, Additional expenses property taxes, home insurance, home maintenance, energy costs, etc.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator



Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Are you planning to purchase a new home after they have sold the existing property? Contact a local Realtor get a Comparative Market Analysis of your existing home. Is there enough equity in the existing property to purchase a new home? Or selling a home is additional money needed? Selling existing home requires time. Current property has to be listed and receive an accepted offer from a qualified buyer. The escrow period can be about 30 to 45 days. If your home is currently on the market the total selling process can take a few months. Prospective buyers allow time to sell a current home. Currently, sellers will not accept an offer contingent on the buyer selling their current home. Therefore, sell a current home. Make an offer on a new property with liquid proceeds from home sale. Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying.

Tip # 6 – What Are You Looking For In A Home?

Ladera Heights is an upscale residential neighborhood. Home types and features vary.

  • Home living spaces can vary from about 1,600 to 4,000 sq. ft. What type of living space do you desire? Old Ladera living space generally is 1,600 to 2,200 sq. ft. New and Upper Ladera home living space 2,200 to 4,000 sq. ft. 
  • How many bedrooms and baths do you desire?
  • How many car garages? Two cars or three car garage. Old Ladera generally has two car detached garages. New and Upper Ladera have two to three car attached garage with direct access. 
  • Are you looking for a home with a pool? All Ladera sections have homes with pools. 
  • Are you looking for a home with fireplace? All Ladera sections have homes with fireplaces. 
  • Are you looking for updated, remodeled or renovated home? All Ladera Heights sections have updated, remodeled or renovated homes. 
  • Are you looking for a home with views? Upper Ladera Homes have city, mountain and or ocean views. 
  • Are you looking for newer built homes? Ladera Crest homes were built in 1990’s.
  • What kind of lot size do you desire? Ladera Heights home lot sizes vary from about 6,500 to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Are you looking for a one or two story home? All sections in Ladera Heights have one and two-story homes. 
  • What type of home design do you desire? Ladera Heights home designs vary from Craftsman, Ranch, Contemporary, Tudor, Mediterranean and more. 
  • Are you looking for a duplex or triplex? There are sections in Ladera Heights that have duplexes and triplexes. 

Tip # 7 – Fixer-Upper

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Are you looking for a fixer-upper?

If you buy a fixer-upper know the cost to get the home up to your standards. What are the repairs cosmetic or major repair/replacements? The home may be in the most desirable location.  Have a professional inspection of the roof, plumbing, electrical, chimney, foundation and etc. Shop contractors for estimated costs for replacement items including labor. Request referral from all contractors. What may appear to be a simple cosmetic job in the kitchen may end up being a home renovation.  What are the costs involved to get the home up to snuff? Cosmetic repairs/replacements maybe $10,000.00 to $30,000.00. On the other hand, major replacements like roof, plumbing or foundation can run in the tens of thousand dollars. Do your homework.  Add home’s purchase price plus repair costs. Calculate the total purchase price with repair/replacement costs. Is value current market or over market values? Cosmetics repairs and renovation takes money, time and energy. Compare fixer home price plus repairs to homes in standard condition. Compare to renovated homes.The fixer maybe a great deal. On the other hand, the total price may be discouraging.Get out your calculator. Is A Fixer-Upper Worth It?

Tip # 8 –  The School Districts

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Check School Districts and Ratings

Great Schools (rating)

California School Rating

Neighborhoods with the best schools have higher home values. Parents want their children in the best schools. Even if you do not have children school districts are good indicators of property values. Checking school districts in areas of interest. Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Tip # 9 – Crime

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Online Times Crime Statistics

Check areas crime rates. Get an idea of the crime rating over time. Compare Ladera Heights crime rate to other areas. Searching for a home check Realtor for community crime rates.  Areas with high crime rate and heavy police presences have lower values than communities with low crime rates. Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying

Tip # 10 Ladera Heights Resources

Housing and Population

  • 2,761 Households
  • 2010 Population census 6,498
  • 6.2% 18 -24 age
  • 19.5% 25-44 age
  • 33.6% 45-64 age
  • 23.5% 65 years or older
  • 2.94 square miles
Important phone numbers

School District


Parks & Near By Beaches

  • Ladera Park
  • Kenneth Hahn Park
  • Mother Beach
  • Venice Beach
  • Dockweiler State Beach
  • Santa Monica Beach

LAX Airport 

  • about 15 minutes

405 Freeway

  • about 5 minutes


Household income in thousands of 2000 dollars


Tip # 11 – Walkability – Skateability – Driveability

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home BuyingLadera Heights is about three square miles. Inland residential community. Residents enjoy wide tree-lined streets. Bike riding,  jogging, and dog walking. Near Playa Vista Silicon Beach and adjacent to Culver City. Near shopping centers, movies, restaurants, coffee bistros and farmers market. Driving time to work is an important factor. Ladera Heights about 5 minutes from 405 freeway. Downtown Los Angeles is approximately 25 minutes. Los Angeles Points of Interest and Activities

Tip # 12 Will My Home Hold Its’ Value?

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home BuyingThe “Great Recession” saw a decrease in property values of approximately 20% to 40%. 2014 Ladera Heights had seen an appreciation in values. In 2014 the real estate market rebounded. The market may be depressed or strong. Ask yourself, what will happen to the values if the market changes tomorrow? Purchasing real estate is a long-term investment. The average time frame is 7 to 10 years.  Have your Realtor give you a snapshot of property values in last seven to ten years. A good real estate agent is familiar with your neighborhood. Get market statistical information. Homeowners have a responsibility in maintaining and improving home value. As a homeowner find ways to add value to the property. As time goes by homeowners may have to replace items (roof, plumbing, electrical and etc).  Remodeled kitchens and bathrooms translate to higher values. Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips. Ladera Heights Home Buying.

 Tip # 13 – What Matters To Home Buyers

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home BuyingLadera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying. Finding a home is a challenge. The Ladera Heights buyers may be a first time or seasoned home buyers. 13 things buyers should know when purchasing home? These 13 things will ensure a successful home purchase. It takes time and planning. Find the right Realtor®. Professional Realtor that knows Ladera Heights and the real estate market. The first thing a Buyers should do is obtain mortgage pre-approval. Know your financial ability. Then narrow which Ladera Heights section is affordable. Note the location of the home. Look are surrounding homes. Are they well kept? Research recent and past sales in the area. Know the approximate average sale prices. Research the neighborhood’s crime and school ratings. Walk around the neighborhood and visit local shopping centers, parks and etc. Consider home condition. Looking for fixer, standard or remodeled condition. Regardless, of home’s year built always have a professional home inspection. Home buyer’s goal is to find their dream home. Partner with a real estate agent with the same goals. Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying. Call GAIL MERCEDES COLE (310) 853-9933.

Ladera Heights Home Buyers 13 Tips Ladera Heights Home Buying



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