Seller’s Advice Hiring Handyman

Seller's Advice Hiring Handyman

Seller’s Advice Hiring Handyman

Seller’s Advice Hiring Handyman. Preparing your home for sale? You notice needed repairs and replacements. Many of these items can be do-it-yourself. Others require more skills. You may not have the time or skills needed. Consider hiring a handyman. According to Angie’s List, “There’s no need to call a specialty contractor for some home repairs. A handyman can do a variety of small home improvement projects that save time and money.” A handyman or woman is a self or formally trained skilled “jack-of-all-trades.” Handymen usually charge an hourly rate. Materials can be supplied by owner or at additional costs handyman will supply materials. Your Westside Homes

California State Contractor Board requires handymen to carry license for any job that exceeds $500.00 in labor and material costs. Some handymen are specialized in plumbing, carpentry, tiling, electrical and etc. A handyman is not the best alternative for large complex jobs that require multiple workers. Extensive work should be done by a licensed contractor. In most cases, preparing your home for sell requires minimal repairs and replacements. Examples: carpet repair, tile and grout replacement, painting a room, changing or repairing leaky faucets, cleaning roof gutters, checking smoke detectors, runny toilets, cutting tree branches from roof, replacing missing shingles, and etc. Homeowner options are to hire contract roofers, electricians or painter or a handyman.

Seller’s Advice Hiring Handyman. Before you hire a handyman make a list of repairs and replacements needed in the home. If most of items are minor repairs and painting, a handyman should be strongly considered.

Hiring the right Handyman

1. Get recommendations from friends, family and real estate professional. I personally have had great success with Angie’s List. There is a fee with Angie’s List but I appreciate the vendor reviews and ratings.

2. Interview several handymen. Question work experience, rates, time to complete job.

3. Ask for referrals. Follow up call get referrals opinion of handyman’s job performance.

4. Compare total costs if handyman supplies material or if the homeowner purchases and supplies needed materials.

5. Require an invoice with all repairs and replacement. Each repair/replacement should have itemized costs.

6. Make sure handyman guarantees work.

7. Consider if you and your family will feel comfortable around handyman.

8. Inspect work while repairs are being done and when completed. Handymen rely on referrals. Professional handyman will take pride in workmanship.

Seller’s Advice Hiring Handyman. Selling your home? Prepare your home for sale. Small repairs and replacement will improve the showmanship and value of home. Remember the real estate market is competitive. Show you home at its BEST! After repairs and replacement stage your home.  Do It Yourself Staging Ideas

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