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What Academy Museum Means For Los Angeles

academy25.01What Academy Museum Means For Los Angeles CELEBRATING OUR HOMETOWN INDUSTRY The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be a significant and vital addition to the cultural landscape of Los Angeles—a city that has developed alongside the creation of our motion pictures industry. The Academy Museum will be the first in the nation dedicated solely to the art, craft, business, and history of movies on such a large scale. It will celebrate the industry that defines Los Angeles while providing incredible cultural, historical, and entertainment resources to Angelenos and out-of-town visitors alike. Hollywood and the film industry have shaped culture and creativity around the world, and the Museum will explore these contributions through groundbreaking exhibitions and innovative programming.COLLABORATING WITH ACADEMY MEMBERSFrom its founding in 1927, with its original 36 members, to its current international roster of more than 6,000 industry artists, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has worked to innovate, celebrate, and promote the magic and craftsmanship of cinema. The Academy Museum will draw from the immense talents and expertise of Academy Members to create a dynamic environment for visitors where the processes, challenges, and creative rewards of moviemaking come alive. From script to screen and every step in between, the storytellers who make movies will share their creative process in a personal, engaging visitor experience that pulls back the curtain on how the magic of the movies is achieved. The Museum will host Academy Members and other moviemaking professionals who will conduct technical demonstrations and master classes on the arts and sciences of film through hands-on activities and behind-the-scenes personal accounts.

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