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Westside Homes Gardening Tips


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Westside Homes Gardening Tips

Westside Homes Gardening Tips. Starting a new or maintaining existing garden? Use natural  organic solutions. Many times items you have around the house can ward off pests and boost plant growth and vitality. Maintaining a garden naturally is good for environment.

Home Gardening Tips ROSES: Roses are heavy feeders and require deep root space therefore, do better in the ground and not as well in containers. Roses are acid loving plants. In the winter prune and heap a generous amount of steer manure on soil around plant base. Moisten soil and manure.

-Before planting roses apply a generous amount of farmyard manure to the soil prior to planting.

-Pruning roses should be done in late winter.

-How to overcome rose sickness. When you replace old roses with new ones an established rose plant produces a toxin to prevent other roses competing with them. For successful new roses you must change the soil.

-Ward off both ants and aphids from roses. Scatter coffee grounds around your rosebushes. I have experiments with used coffee grounds and nature tea mixed into the moist soil for fertilization.

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Westside Homes Gardening Tips Roses

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