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Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Recipe


photo provided Southern Living

Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Recipe. Pumpkin Carving Ideas bonus Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe. Pumpkin search, look for stackable pumpkins with healthy unbroken stems. Uniquely marked pumpkin adds to your design. Cut top with a serrated knife takes out seeds and pulp. Get out your carving tools, tape, and stencils. It is easy to design your own Halloween pumpkin. Design your stencils. Tape stencil design to pumpkin then with a sharp item (ice pick) poke small holes along the line of the stencil. Remove stencils using a sharp knife cut between holes. After satisfied with design remove top pop in a candle. The lit candle illuminates the Pumpkin. Can be spooky, elegant or jolly. Great fun for the whole family. Put artistic Halloween pumpkin indoors or outdoors.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Recipe

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