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Ladera Heights Homeowners Define Selling Goals

Selling your home is a life challenging experience. Before selling define your goals. What are your motivations for selling your home? Motivations vary from growing family to empty nest. Where are you planning to move after your home is sold?  Will you be renting, purchase or moving with a family member? Ladera Heights Homeowners Define Selling Goals.

What are the new housing expenses? Established selling goals. What is your home worth? Contact a local RealtorĀ®. Request a market analysis. RealtorĀ® will give sold properties in the immediate area. Comparables within last 3-6 months and 0.75 miles from the subject. What is the condition of your home?Homes in Ladera Heights were built in the 1950s and 1960s. Is your home in standard condition, remodeled or renovated. Updated and renovated homes sell for higher prices. Having an estimate of your profits enables you to plan your move. Since 2013, Ladera Heights homes have appreciated approximately 08% to 10% annually. Current  Ladera Heights Real Estate Market Reports. You need a realistic view of your home’s value. Plan your new lifestyle. It can be purchasing a new home, renting, moving with family members, traveling or saving. Ladera Heights Homeowners Define Selling Goals. Selling your home Call Gail Mercedes Cole (310) 853-9933.

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