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Home Sellers Pitfalls of Overpriced Listings

West Los Angeles homeowner you have decided to sell your home. Expert local Realtor® has given you the approximate value of your home. Value is based on recent sales in your area within .50 to .75 mile radius of your home within last 6 months. Preferably sales within last 3 months.  Considered are similar conditions, living space, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The condition cannot be overlooked is your home a fixer, well-kept standard or renovated? Fixer value is less than a home that has been totally renovated. You have reviewed all information given by the Realtors®. You have decided to list with the Realtors® that has given you the Highest asking price. That is the price you want but overpriced. The Realtors® appeases you to get the listing. Agent hopes this overpriced listing will be reduced during the listing period. This price is not based on current values in your area. Price is agents incentive to obtain the listing. Viola, your home is overpriced. Home Sellers Pitfalls of Overpriced Listings.Home Sellers Pitfalls of Overpriced Listings

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