Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer

Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer. Selling a home is the homeowners opportunity to reap the greatest return on their investment. Do not be subjective but objective. Selling your home is emotional. It is hard to let go. When selling do not let your emotions stop you from reaping the highest financial returns. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer.

Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer

Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer

When selling think like a buyer. View your home through the eyes of a buyer, It is an counter-intuitive idea but it works. Sellers will be in a position to get a quicker sale — and reap a higher profit. Selling a home a business transaction. Thinking like a buyer is objective not subjective. Sellers greatest goal is reaping the most profit.

Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer


Selling your home is an emotion experience. Westside L.A. homeowners are parting with family memories over a short or long period of time. As a result homeowners can place a monetary value on their home based on

  • what the house was listed for across the street
  • home prices before the housing recession (2007-2013)
  • costs paid for necessary home repairs and replacements (roof, plumbing, electrical)
  • not recognizing current values in the neighborhood
  • memories and sentimental reasons
  • “Old myth,” list high not recognizing current market values in area

Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer. These factors can have a negative affect for setting the correct asking price of your home. When selling a home many homeowners put a price of their homes based on above. Call a local Realtor®. Get a competitive market analysis. Your home’s value will be based on recent sales in your area. The competitive sales will be similar homes. Similarities like: age, bedrooms, bathrooms, and condition of property. Comparing standard, renovated and new construction. Realtor® will make you aware of current real estate market conditions. A professional real estate agent wants to sell your home. Non-professional agent just wants to sell you on getting the listing. Do not overprice you home. Home Seller Pitfalls Of Overpriced Listing. 

Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer. 80 to 90% of prospective buyers begin their home search online. Online listings have photos to attract buyers. Go to Open Houses in your immediate and surrounding areas. Think about the homes you found most attractive. Think about the things that attracted you to your home. Think about if you were looking for a home now. What would you be looking for? Homes that show clean and free of clutter. Most buyers want spaciousness.  Sellers favorite rooms maybe purple or red. The selling point for prospective buyers are neutral colored rooms.  It is called the “3 Cs.” 3 Cs are clean, clutter free and color.


Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer

Clean homes attract Buyers

Let the prospective buyers view a blank canvas. Start by giving your home a GOOD cleaning. Start in a circular 360 degree motion. Start at a floor up to ceiling then back down. Do this for each room.

  • Clean or paint walls.
  • Clean windows, window sills and screens.
  • Window Treatments should be cleaned, repaired or replaced
  • Clean carpet, tile and hardwood floors. Carpet can be professionally clean. If carpet damaged or worn may have to be replaced.
  • Bedroom linen could be clean. Great idea replace with new fresh bed linens.
  • Closets clean and remove clutter. Orderly arrange items.
  • Check bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Make shiny clean or may want to replace fixtures in certain rooms.
  • Check for any plumbing leaks and repair
  • Clean kitchen floor, appliances, counter tops. Clean appliances exteriors and interiors. Do not overlook walls and cabinetry. Cabinetry interior and exterior should be cleaned. Arrange dishes, pot and pans attractively.
  • Bathroom spic and span tubs, sinks, toilets and floors. Check flooring vinyl may need to be replaced. Tiled floors replace missing or broken tiles.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs replace with new lighting.
  • Light plates clean or replace.
  • Garage clean and make clutter free. Your garage maybe your storage space. Buyers need to see spaciousness of garage.
  • Landscaping should be well maintained and manicured.
  • Landscaping should be clutter free. Trash cans should be unseen. Have a garage?  while listed put cars in garage.
  • Home exterior. Does your home need a paint job. Maybe not but check exterior trim. Trim may need a little TLC.


Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer

Clutter-free and furniture arranged giving room maximum space

Want to show the full spaciousness of each room. That is easy remove clutter and rearrange furniture. Buyers are looking to purchase a home for more space. De-clutter your home. Are there things you have not used for years? Remove them from rooms. This includes the garage. Now you have a mountain of unused things. What should you do?  Have a yard sale or donate the items.

Now our rooms are clutter-free. Still want to enhance spaciousness of each room? Remove and rearrange furniture. Too much furniture can dwarf room. Dark rooms dwarf rooms. There is nothing worse than showing a dark home. Check your interior lighting.  In the daytime open up window treatment let light into the room. In the evenings turn on lights in each room. Dark rooms can be depressing bright rooms lifts the spirit.

Sellers are sentimental about photos, awards and  memorabilia. But we want the prospective buyer to envision themselves in your home. Sellers home should be depersonalized. Only have a few photos, awards and memorabilia. Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer.


Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer

Have neutral colors

Sellers favorite room colors maybe purple or red. The man cave maybe red. A bedroom maybe purple. The third C is color. Room color is personal but can hamper positive features of the house. Let the room speak for itself. Off-white, beige and gray are good choices. Neutral colors that allows a buyer to picture your home as theirs. Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer.


Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer

Remember the 3C’s Clean, Clutter-Free and Color

Westside L.A. Home Sellers Think Like A Buyer. Buyers know the market. Remember they start their search online. They know available homes on the market. Each listing has location, features (square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms). There are interior and exterior photos. Asking price and statistics of homes the sold in area. Buyers have narrowed down homes of interest. Those are the homes that they will make appointments to view. Thinking like a buyer, Make your home a competitor on the market. Home sellers remember the 3C’s Clean, Clutter-Free and Color

The Right Team

Every great profitable home sale begins with a real estate professional. Your real estate professional is invaluable before and during the sale of your home. Gail Mercedes Cole, Realtor (310) 853-9933 will provide unbiased and experienced opinion of your home’s value. Before listing will give opinion of changes that will optimally attractive the most qualified buyers. View DIY Staging Ideas. Go-to source for current listings. Most importantly, current sales in your neighborhood. Get an objective view and gain a powerful ally when selling your home.


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