Back in the day to sell a home you only had to put a "For Sale" sign in the front yard. Those days have ended. The market is too competitive. Your home has to be prepared for sale. Home sellers are staging their home prior to putting the home on the market. You can hire a professional stager. The cost is about $2,500.00 to $5,000.00 per month. Or you can stage your home yourself. Below are 7 Tips To Increase Home Sellers Home Value.

TIP ONE: Painting

A fresh coat of paint will make a room look new and clean. Will make it shine that much more. Be sure to pick a paint color that is neutral as that will appeal to the most people. I have seen many buyers walk into a home with rooms painted the seller's favorite color (green). Prospective buyer just walks out because they hated it! Remember to choose a neutral color for your rooms. 

TIP TWO: Carpet and Hardwood Floors

Worn or dirty carpets will make a buyer think that there are other issues with your
home even if there are not. So be sure that the carpets are clean If they are worn, consider getting them replaced. Hardwood floors should be cleaned and buffed. 

TIP THREE: Energy Costs

Energy Costs

These days, most buyers will ask me "What is the average monthly utility bill cost?" of homes they are looking at to buy. Most utilities offer free energy audits. Take advantage of this as it can help you. Save money now it can help you down the road when you are ready to sell your home! Buyers favor homes that have lower monthly utility costs.

TIP FOUR: The Kitchen

clean kitchen

In most homes, buyers will spend the most time in the kitchen, especially women.  Make sure your kitchen is ready. If you have appliances that are dirty or old, get them cleaned. Make sure the interior and exterior are spotless. If not functional consider replacing them. You do not need to spend a lot of money replacing your stove or refrigerator with top-end appliances. Replace with energy-saving appliances. And do not forget the drawers and cabinets as buyers will open these! Make sure interiors clean and items in orderly fashion. Check your countertops for missing tile. Replace the missing tile. You may not need tile but some areas may need re-grouting.  Replace old fixtures.

TIP FIVE: The Bathrooms

clean bathrooms

Your bathrooms will also get the drill sergeant review from buyers. In particular the master bathrooms. Similar to the kitchen, make sure that any old fixtures are replaced. Floors, bathtub, shower and walls should be CLEAN. You can replace bathroom fixtures easily these days without spending a lot of money. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way here as well.

TIP SIX: Curb Appeal

Home Curb Appeal

First impressions count. Similar to a fresh coat of paint for a room, a yard that has the grass cut nicely goes a long way. Walk outside and look at your front yard and the front of the home. Does the front of the house need paint? Are there any broken windows or shutters that need repair? Does the yard need maintenance? You do not need to hire a landscape architect. But you want to make sure that your yard looks manicured, clean and nice. Be sure to pick up any items in the yard, position trash bins so that they are not visible from the street.

TIP SEVEN: De-Clutter


If you are thinking about selling within the next year, start this now. I have seen buyers walk through homes that has piles of stuff in every room. They comment, "just looks messy." When a buyer thinks a home is messy, they figure that there are other problems with the home as well. Even if there are not! This is something that even I deal with sometimes as we just get so 'used to things' laying around. We do not even see them anymore. They almost become invisible! De-cluttering in two stages.

Stage One

Get everything that you have not used in the last few months (or years!). Items you do not anticipate using in the foreseeable future. Can be boxed up in closet, garage or in the basement. This would include items that you have not worn or used in a long time. Items like clothes, dishes, toy, furniture and appliances. Somethings can be thrown away or donated. Or put in storage. Be sure to label all boxes. Most buyers purchase a home for more space. Make your rooms more spacious. De-clutter and rearrange furniture so rooms more spacious.

Stage Two:

This is when you are getting close to listing your home for sale. Now you want your home to be ready for buyers to walk through. Have a good impression so that they think to themselves, "This is a clean and neat home, the owner must take care of it!" Remember Clean, Clutter-free, Color (fresh paint). 


7 Tips To Increase Home Sellers Home Value. Increasing Your Home's Value. The following are tips to help increase your home's value. Home improvement tips that you can do yourself. Home seller needs elbow grease and time. Supplies needed are cleaning supplies, paint and a screwdriver. In some cases may consider replacing kitchen appliances. When staging the three main things to consider are clean, clutter-free and color. The color applies when painting walls and ceiling use neutral colors. Your home is your major financial investment. It is worth getting it in top shape before listing. The end results will be an increase in your home's value.


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