10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods in America. Wealthiest African American communities across the country. The top ranking neighborhoods are in Los Angeles, California. Neighborhoods are Ladera Heights, Baldwin Hills, and View Park. The remainder are on the East Coast. Mainly in Maryland. Wealthiest  African American neighborhoods in America.  America's 10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods 

1. View Park, CA 90008 & 90043

America's 10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods


Ranked number one wealthiest American African American neighborhood. View Park declared a Historic District. In 1932 the Olympian Games were held in Los Angeles. The Olympic Village was in View Park.  Athenian Way and Olympian Drive are commemorated in the Olympic 1932 history. View Park Windsor Hills Real Estate comprised of approximately 1,800 custom built home. Living spaces range 2,500 to 5,000 square feet on large lots. The topography is hilly. Many have stunning city & mountain views. 84.8% African American residents. Average family income $159,168.00.

View Park Real Estate

2. Baldwin Hills, CA 90008

America's 10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods


Baldwin Hills Estates CA 90008 hilltop affluent African American neighborhood. Homes offer scenic city, mountain, and ocean views. The Baldwin Hills community is only twenty-nine streets starting with “Don”,  Don is Sir in English. Adjacent to Culver City, CA. Near Beach Cities and Playa Vista Silicon Beach. Hilltop community homes offer scenic city views. 71.3% African Americans. Average family income $157,033.00.

Baldwin Hills Real Estate

3. Ladera Heights, CA 90056

America's 10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods


Ladera Heights ranks number three in most affluent African American communities. In Southwest Los Angeles, CA. Adjacent to Culver City and near Playa Vista Silicon Beach. 2010 census 6,498. 73.7% African American population. Median family income $132,824.00, Renowned builders and architects: Homer Valentine, Gallant & Robert Earl. Celebrity style homes from 2,500 to 4,000 square feet. Upper Ladera Heights homes offer scenic city, mountain and or ocean views. Los Angeles Times reported “Ladera Heights an upscale enclave close to landing and sea.”

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4. Mitchellville, Maryland 20721


In Prince George’s County, Maryland. Ranking number four of top affluent African communities in America. 78.5% African American residents. In 2010 population census 10,967. Median family income $124,565.00. Mitchellville was named for John Mitchell. John Mitchell (1788-1862) plantation owner who owned Essington Hall. 

10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods America

5. Fort Washington, Maryland


Fort Washington borders Washington D.C. Affluent African America community. Has population of about 23,717. Median family income $107,611.00. Total area 16.57 square miles of land and water. Fort Washington in 1809 Washington D.C. only defense fort. Affluent residential community with views of Potomac River. Scenic area with views, hiking paths, fishing and outdoor recreation

6. Kettering, Maryland


Kettering thriving middle-class African American neighborhood. African American population about 90.62%. Average family income $92,099.00. Tree-lined streets mixture of townhouses and single family homes

7. Woodmore, Maryland 20721


Woodmore and Friendly are both in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Woodmore contains large gated community and country club. City planning 398 single family homes.Affluent middle & upper-class neighborhood. Notable one of the most affluent African American communities in America. 2010 census 3,936, Median family income $103,438.00.

8. Friendly, Maryland


What a great name. In Prince George’s County, Maryland. Total area 4.9 square miles.  Majority population African-American. 2010 census 9,250. The area was largely rural until 1960’s. Since there has been a steady growth of single-family home development. Median family income $82,827.00

9. Hillcrest, New York


Another predominantly African American and Asian populated community. Bedroom suburb n New York. 2010 census was 7,558. Estimated median income in 2015 $94,752.00. Easy commute to Manhattan, New York. 1 of 10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods America. Hillcrest, New York was once home to secular Jews.

10. Uniondale, New York 11556


The suburb of New York City in Nassau County. The community has a total area of 2.7 square miles. Population in 2010 approximately 24,759. Average household income $71,311.00 in 2015. Home to Hofstra University’s north campus. Vibrant African American community in New York.

10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods in America. The majority of affluent African American communities are on the east coast. Namely, New York and Maryland. The top three ranking communities are in Los Angeles, California. Namely: Ladera Heights, Baldwin Hills and View Park. America's 10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods.

 America's 10 Wealthiest African American Neighborhoods 

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