Antique vs Vintage Home Decoration



Antique vs Vintage Home Decoration. Antique or vintage one of a kind home furniture, art pieces and or accessories.Antique vs Vintage Home Decoration Antique is item 100 years or older. Home antique items: artwork, furniture, sculpture, lamps, vases, jewelry boxes, rugs, and etc. Antiques have a higher degree of handmade workmanship with attention to details. Items are in original unaltered condition.  Antiques are desired because of age, era’s design, rarity, beauty, condition and or unique features. The asset value of antiques improves with time. They are passed down from one generation or bought from antique dealers. Cars are exceptions to the “100-year rule.” Generally, a car is considered an antique if 25 years or older. Vintage items are 20 years old or older. Vintage associated with age


Vintage items are 20 years old or older. Vintage associated with age or pastAntique vs Vintage Home Decoration era design, Something of high quality with style of past era. Shows age with high attention to detail. Value improves with time.  Vintage items can be anything from furniture, clothes, jewelry, cars, vases, books or collectible.  Purchasing a vintage item? Verify the date item was made. Most items on the market today are vintage relics. Flea markets and yard sales are ideal places to buy vintage items for the home.

Antique vs Vintage Home Decor. Go visit grandma’s attic. Or browse antique shops or online antique dealers. Antique and vintage items can appreciate in value. One of a kind items that are conversation pieces. They beautify any room. Search for that piece that accents your interior or exterior style. You just may see a piece you love.There is nothing wrong with mixing contemporary, antique and vintage items.