Feng Shui Colors for Westside Homes. Bring Feng Shui colors into your home. Oppose colors become harmonious. The art of Yin and Yang. Feng Shui complex science the reveals how to balance space insuring inhabitants health and good fortune. Feng Shui is Chinese ancient philosophy, art, and science over 3,000-year-old. Feng means wind and Shui mean water. Good health in the Chinese culture is associated with wind and water. Misfortune or bad luck is bad Feng Shui. Yin and yang opposite forces become harmonious. Feng Shui Colors For The Home. Example of opposing forces: day and night, fire and ice. Yin and yang these elements are complementary not oppose. The science believes the land is alive and filled with Chi or energy. Color shifts the energy in your home or office to create good Feng Shui. Room color has an impact on our spirit. Update your color scheme to reflect your current taste and style. Color has a huge impact on us. Home colors empower a room. Each color is one element of five Feng Shui elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Feng Shui Colors For The Home. Feng Shui Wikipedia

Feng Shui Colors For The Home. Fire Colors, Earth Colors, Metal Colors, Water Colors and Wood Colors. These are colors that can fit harmoniously in any home.


Fire Colors – Red is an energy life color. Balance fire elements in home and office bringing energy, recognition and inner warmth. Red spectrum including pink, red, orange, coral and purple.

Feng Shui Colors For The Home.


Earth Colors – Grounding organization color brings nourishment, balance, and calm. Earth colors are topaz, gold, yellow, medium brown, terracotta and earth tones. The happiest color on the planet is considered to be gold. Think of the sun. Feng Shui Colors For The Home.

Feng Shui Colors For The Home.

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Metal Colors – Promotes mental clarity, alertness and discourages distractions. Metal colors are shades of white and pastels (shades of pink, light green, light blue, light yellow, white and metallic’s.

Feng Shui Colors For The Home.

Water Colors – Water element is an ancient symbol of abundance for good health and wealth. Refreshing element energy of purity and calm. Develops spirituality, practicing mindfulness, connect to individual intuition and connect to the universe. Fountains and mirrors are used as feng shui cures. Watercolors are blue and black. Feng Shui Colors For The Home.

Feng Shui Colors For The Home.

Wood Colors – Abundance of growth, vitality, development and health in personal and business life. Similar to watercolor. Wood colors are brown, medium green, dark blue and turquoise.

Feng Shui Colors for the Home

Feng Shui Colors For The Home. I am not a strict student of Feng Shui. It is an intense ancient science that I have not mastered. Conversely, I know what is appealing and make me feel good. Feng Shui Colors for the home are “Mother Earth” colors. Nature provides these colors. The science has a definition of colors symbolism. We see them in homes and offices. A live plant in the home not only brings life but can include several Feng Shui elements. Bland white walls are a thing of the past. Contemporary homes now have varied wall colors. Homeowners may consider metal, water or earth colors trimmed with fire colors. Feng Shui colors can be used in furnishing and accessories. Designs are in the interior and exterior of the home. Feng Shui colors for home bring harmony, health and good fortune. Based on the science of Feng Shui.