Home sellers your real estate agent has to have a successful agenda. Realtor hired by the seller there are things that have to be done. Home sellers are looking to sell their home. They want their home sold in the shortest period of time at the greatest profit. Real estate agenda’s hidden agenda is not unethical. NO, it is an agenda for success. Outlining agenda are things for success. Sellers read things that guarantee stressful free home selling experience. Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda.

Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda

Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda


Pre-Listing Outline

Before you list your home there are pre-listing preparations. Do you know the current real estate market? Call a local professional real estate agent. A real estate agent has analyzed the current market. Compare recent sales within a 1/2 mile from your home. Comparables should have similar living space, bedrooms, baths and etc. Have to consider the condition of your home. Is your home in standard, updated or renovated condition? Your home has to be listed at a competitive price. Dangers of overpriced listings. 

Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden AgendaPrepare your home for sale. Sellers before placing your home on market stage home. Home staging reaps homeowners maximum profit. Home staging DIY or call a professional. When staging a home it does not matter if a single family home, condominium or loft.. Where would movies and plays be if they were not professionally staged? Entertainment companies invest millions in staging to reap the highest return on their investment. Your home is your treasured investment. Invest the time and money in staging your home to reap the highest sales price. Home Staging Ideas

Only Want Buyer That Financially Qualifies for Your Home

Going into escrow with a buyer that does not financially qualify for your home is a waste of time. Time is money. Your home is off the market for weeks. Seller may have gone thru home inspections, appraisal, and moving arrangements. OH OH, weeks later the seller has informed the buyer does not qualify for a mortgage loan. Sellers Never accept an offer without a mortgage pre-approval. Pre-qualified mortgage approvals are not acceptable. Mortgage pre-approval requires buyers credit report, 2 years W-2s/1040s and 3-6 months bank statement. Mortgage pre-approval gives sellers assurances that prospective buyer can qualify for their home. All cash buyers have to give verification of cash funds. Generally, supplying bank statements. 

Realtor Ensures Buyers Financing Commitment is Met

Discussing the buyer’s financing ability. According to the Real Estate contract, there are appraisal and loan contingency dates. The Buyer’s lender must provide a written loan commitment to Buyer and Seller. Formal lender approval buyers removing loan contingency. If the buyer removes loan contingency then loan denied buyer can risk escrow deposit. Loan contingency date typically is 15 – 25 days from date contract executed. Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda. Even though it is the Buyer’s agent responsibility to keep listing agent and seller informed. The listing agent can go the extra mile. Your Realtor can even call Buyer’s lenders to verify the progress of the loan. No one wants last minute surprises. 

Scrutinize Real Estate Purchase Agreement.

Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda


Scrutinize the real estate purchase agreement. When a buyer’s purchase agreement presented real estate agent scrutinizes everything. Do the numbers add up? What are a buyer(s) and the seller(s) paying for in escrow? Is the buyer requesting termite completion? If so is buyer or seller paying for termite completion? Is property being purchased by an individual or corporation?  What is included in the sales price and what is excluded? Is purchase owner occupancy or non-occupied? What is escrow period? When does buyer want occupancy? The purchase agreement has to be scrutinized upon presentation. Ignoring or overlooking items can be costly at the end of escrow. 

Real Estate Agents Work For the Seller(s)

Real estate agents are hired by the sellers. Real estate agents ethically work for the seller’s interest. Real estate agents do not work for their own self-interest. 

Buyer’s Inspection Timeline

Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden AgendaBuyer’s home inspection can be a deal killer but seldom is. The realtor knows when the inspection period begins and ends. When the buyer completes, submits a response to inspection issues. The time frames are stated in the real estate purchase agreement. Buyer performs inspections. After completion buyers may submit a request for repairs/replacement/ or cash. At this point, sellers and buyer will negotiate a settlement via escrow for needed repair/replacement Buyer request. Or the seller can refuse to make any repair/replacements.  

Buyer concerns not expressed prior to home inspection period ending, will not be addressed. Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda

Real Estate Agents Hidden Agenda To Assure Escrow Closes

All parties want to close the escrow. There are parts that need to be put together for a successful closing. Realtor agenda to assure escrow closing. Secure a title report, evidence clear title to the property. Title report states if there are easements on the subject property. Via title there are the tax, mechanical and lien searches. All CAR required disclosures must be signed by Buyer and Seller. If there is a homeowner’s association, C.C.Rs, By-Laws and budget submitted for Buyer’s approval. Income property owners must submit income/expense statement to Buyer. In addition tenant Estoppel statements. Los Angeles has city retrofitting requirement. Verification is a Certificate of Compliance. These requirements must be met before the close of escrow. Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda.

 Realtor’s Hidden Agenda Ensures Successful Selling Experience for Home Seller

Stress-Free Real Estate Escrow. Everything that has been discussed is the real estate agent’s agenda. Thank goodness that Realtor has a hidden agenda. Ensuring that Seller has a stress-free escrow, smooth, profitable home selling experience. Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda

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Home Sellers Real Estate Agent Hidden Agenda

Half the battle for a successful home sale is having a Realtor that has an agenda. Hidden things that Real Estate Agent does that seller not aware of. Experience pre-listing, listing presentation marketing. Lending, title, and escrow required items met. Sellers do not need a Cheerleader but a Quarterback. Sellers need the confidence they have hire expert Realtor. Hire Realtor that scrutinizes every detail. 

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