Westchester CA Real Estate History

Westchester CA 90045 Real Estate History. In the early 20th century Westchester was a farming area. There was a combination of factors contributing to home development in Westchester. Loyola University moved to Westchester L.A. in 1928. In addition, the Mines Fields were developed. Los Angeles International Airport was known as the Mines Field, at that time. Dedication of the Los Angeles Municipal Airport was in 1930. Real estate magnate, Fritz Burns built prefabricated single-family homes. These homes were located at Manchester and Sepulveda Boulevard. In the early In 1939 seventeen homes were built for the Loyola Marymount University’s faculty. These were the first residential homes built in Westchester L.A. real estate. In 1941 Los Angeles Municipal Airport became known as Los Angeles Airport. In the 1940’s, Howard Hughes was manufacturing war-related aircraft and components. With unprecedented defense-related manufacturing, employment at airport and Loyola University a residential community was built. The building concept was, “balanced living.” Post World War II housing in Westchester increased. Men and women were returning from the war. Financing was available through the GI Bill and FHA. There was more demand than supply. Henry J. Kaiser with the builder, Fritz Burns met the booming demand. Kaiser housing modern practical. Pre-assembled homes were produced at about 40 per day. Today Westchester L.A. Real Estate is a well maintained middle and upper-middle class neighborhood. West Los Angeles location land near the sea. General boundaries South Jefferson Boulevard extending west of Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90045 adjacent to Playa Vista and  Playa Del Rey, CA. Westchester near beaches, freeway, shopping centers, restaurants and Los Angeles International Airport and