Westside Homeowners The Many Uses of Lavender In The HomeLavender has several home uses. Beautifies your garden. Dried lavender can be a room freshener and pest repellent. Lavender oil thought to soothe insect bites. Like all herbs, lavender has an ancient history. Found in southern Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean to the Canary Islands.  In ancient times, lavender seeds and flowers were placed under pillows to aid in relaxation and sleep. Lavender flower heads were combined with boiling water to aid relaxation. Lavender is a member of the mint family. Westside Homeowners The Many Uses of Lavender In The Home.

Westside Homeowners The Many Uses of Lavender In The Home. Domestically grown in gardens and landscaping. Grown best in dry, well-drained, sandy or crush rocks mixed soil in full sun.  Chemical- free herb for yard gardens and home utility. English lavender is the most commonly grown. Dried flowers used as potpourris and fillers inside sachets. Lavender For the Home. Lavender attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.  Dried flowers scented aroma freshen rooms, linens and deter moths. Place filled sachets in storage spots to freshen and as a pest repellent. Lavender oils are extracted for commercial uses. Lavender oils have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Oils thought to soothe insect bites.  Commercial perfumes are also produced from lavender. Lavender flowers are edible having a floral scent and slightly sweet flavor. Fresh flowers can be added to teas. Occasionally, flowers are blended with herbal, green or black teas.Lavender an ancient herb can be easily grown in your garden. Not only does herb beautify yards but has combined indoor uses. Dried can be a room potpourri or sachet’s filler. Put homegrown lavender in designer dishes. Freshen up the living room, bedrooms or bathrooms with dried herb.  Or sew up sachets fill with dried lavender. Let lavender’s natural aroma fill the room. Inexpensive non-toxic room freshener and moth repellent. Store your winter woolens with chemical-free lavender not only for aroma but as a moth repellent. Lavender with its purple flowers added color to any yard. Cut off a few stems use as an indoor floral arrangement. Dried lavender use as natural room’s freshener and pest repellent. Lavender For the Home DIY chemical-free, the inexpensive natural herb that you can grow in your own backyard. Non-toxic and inexpensive. Everything you need is in your own backyard. Westside Homeowners The Many Uses of Lavender In The Home. Buying or Selling Call GAIL MERCEDES COLE (310) 853-9933